Davin Watne Going to Portugal!

Our resident artist, Davin Watne, has been accepted to a residency at Pedra Sina, Madeira Island, Portugal.He will be attending a three-week residency at Pedra Sina, a new residency program on Madeira Island of the coast of Portugal during the month of November 2012.  During the residency he will create drawings, works on paper and digital art formatted for mobile devices.  Continuing his material and conceptual investigation of attraction and consumerism, Davin plans on turning his eye toward ritual spaces.  With the chance to visit many of the 16th and 17th century gothic churches and see the Baroque frescos and azulejos on Madeira he will begin a new body of work that incorporates these antiquated aesthetic strategies and applies it to our fast paced, consumer driven, image-based economy.http://www.facebook.com/pedrasina?ref=ts&fref=tswww.davinwatne.com