Peter Warren at The Late Show

The Late Show Gallery is pleased to present:Peter Warren: Elvis has Left the BuildingMarch 2 - 31, 2012 Wednesday through Saturday 11am to 6pm or by appointmentOpening reception: 6 to 10pm Friday, March 2, 2012

There is no doubt that his raw materials, compulsively collected and amassed here, are pieces of junk: broken bits of outlived heirlooms; half-buried casualties of technology’s war on analog machines.  Yet this is no junkyard.  And Warren’s works are in no way polished treasures whittled from the piles of another man’s trash.  What Warren builds are mechanisms of resurrection, enlivened monuments of rust, soot, mud and dust—captured at their moment before total extinction, to stand for, celebrate in a way, the melancholic beauty inherent in abandonment and decay.  They are the figures, sculptures and landscapes of Peter Warren’s manufactory.       - Caleb Scott

untitled, 9”x12”, mix media, 2012Peter Warren is a graduate of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.  Since 1997, Warren has worked as a technical/collaborative artist with the Trisha Brown Dance Company, The Wooster Group, Collapsible Giraffe, Accinosco, Gale Gates et al., and Combustive Motor Corporation.  In 2002,Warren worked with choreographer Ming Lung Yang to create an interactive set design for an evening-length piece for Dance Forum Taipei. Warren’s work has been shown in New York City,Des Moines,Iowa, and in Kansas City, Missouri. Warren is currently a resident of  The Studios Inc in Kansas City.My work is not about making sense of the past or finding clarity for the future. I find the satisfaction and necessity of pattern within the delicate balance between chaos and order.  My goal is to let my instinct guide and inform my process and to allow the materials to find their own voice.  - Peter Warren

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