The Studios Inc Featured in Major Study/Report

The Alliance of Artists Communities has just released "the publication of “Surviving to Thriving: Sustaining Artist Residencies.” This report, with generous support from The Kresge Foundation, is the result of two years of research into the capacity, challenges, and successful practices of artist residency centers."Below is an excerpt in their report:

At The Studios Inc in Kansas City, Missouri, each of its 13 artists-in-residence is sponsored by an individual donor. The Studios Inc’s Patron Program matches patrons with artists to underwrite the operating costs of each year-long residency. Patrons contribute $5,000 and they may choose to take the full tax-deduction for their contribution or receive an artwork from the artist to add to their private collection (in which case the tax-deductibility of the donation is reduced by the value of the artwork). The Studios Inc board seeks new patrons each year and matches them with resident artists, looking for qualities that will support and meaningful connection between the two. In the case of patrons who aren’t initially matched with an artist, the patron receives information about each of the resident artists and the organization works with the patron to find a good match. Through this thoughtful curation, the Patron Program offers a heightened level of engagement between patron and artist, which The Studios Inc further facilitates by inviting patrons to open studios and encouraging interaction throughout the year. Maintaining a long-term connection is made easier as both patrons continue to collect the work of and otherwise support their artist after the residency is over.