Colby K Smith Talks Growth and Challenges with Kansas City Spaces

kansas-city-spaces-imageDirector of Studios Inc, Colby K Smith recently sat down with lifestyle blog, Kansas City Spaces, to discuss Studios Inc and its growth.The article, written by Kansas City Spaces contributing writer Susan Melgren, gets into the finer details of what influenced the conception of Studios Inc, its various programs, and the challenges that the organization has faced in its journey towards growth in support of mid-career artists.The interview provides more information on why Studios Inc chose to focus on mid-career artists versus artists of all ages and levels.“It’s challenging to be a mid-career artist,” Colby says in the interview. “We want to step in where there’s not a lot of support…These artists might have mortgages, a kid in college… and they’re working out of the basement of their house even though it appears they are on top of their game.”While the interview discusses Studios Inc’s current role as one of the best support systems for artists in Kansas City, it also focuses on the challenges it has taken to provide that support.“It’s been a challenge letting the public know who we are,” Colby tells Melgren. “We’re almost better known nationally and internationally than locally.”You can read the full interview in the December 2016/January 2017 issue of Kansas City Spaces.