Dylan Mortimer’s Art Breathes Life in Regeneration

Alumni Dylan Mortimer work is showcased in Regeneration.the-god-particleRegeneration features a collection of pieces that resemble anatomical organs, such as bronchial trees, the brain, and the eye. Covered with glitter and presented in the style of a Times Square billboard, Mortimer intends to transform them to “reflect the growth and healing imagined and hoped for”. The idea of regeneration is invoked in the forms from the combination of inexpensive glitter and more durable materials.“I long for a kind of healing that stretches my imagination. One that generates life out of seeming lifelessness. I desire hope when there doesn’t seem to be a reason to hope. Discovery, possibility, and faith involve a risk to jump beyond what is currently imaginable. I long to move past what I see and know, into what is real,” says Mortimer.You can visit the show at the Haw Contemporary Art Center, 1600 Liberty St, Kansas City, MO 64102, until Dec 31. The gallery is open Tuesday - Friday, 9 am  - 5 pm and Saturday, 12 pm -  5 pm.