Steve Maturo designs rooms around artwork


The arts magazine, KC Studio tasked Steve Maturo, co-owner of Museo to design a room or space centered around a piece of artwork. Instead of the artwork enhancing the space; KC Studio and Maturo asked “Why not turn that around: buy a statement work of art and choose furniture to complement it?” Maturo claims in the article that “I have never purchased art because I needed something on the wall above the fireplace or on a blank wall in the bedroom.”

Maturo designed six spaces around six pieces of art. Two of the artworks were created by the Studios Inc artists: Susan White (current resident) and May Tveit (resident alumna). Susan White’s honey locust thorn installation, Shadow Sink, is paired with a Moooi smoke armchair, on top of a colorful Moooi rug. May Tveit’s installation, The Road, hangs above a chair and footrest made of brazilian hardwood and black raw cotton.

Maturo’s designs serve as backdrops or as accents to the pieces. His spaces complement the artwork, instead of the artwork complimenting the space. Maturo creates an environment that fosters discussions about the piece and not one that uses art as a highlight. To complement is to complete or bring to perfection, Maturo’s minimalist use of furniture makes room for discussions about the pieces; allowing them to breath and mature within their spaces. The conversations created from these spaces complete the work, because, art at its core is a conversation.

Written by Aaron K. Turner