GEO/MATRIX | Miguel Rivera's solo exhibition

Inertia I by Miguel Rivera, 2019 mixed media on paper, 40x28 inches

Inertia I by Miguel Rivera, 2019
mixed media on paper, 40x28 inches

Studios Inc is pleased to present the solo exhibition, GEO/MATRIX, featuring resident artist Miguel Rivera.

In his work, Rivera searches for new forms and complex paths embedded in abstraction.  He accomplishes this by reinventing structures and routes that stem from one’s daily life such as maps, the magic of belief in forces of physics, and architectural forms from baroque church facades.  

This body of work titled Geo/Matrix has evolved into layers. It is a progression of manipulated photos, hand drawn images, painted or printed shapes, and vector drawings that become edited by the destructive nature of laser energy. 

GEO/MATRIX will be on view from 09.13.19 to 10.18.19

The opening reception Friday, 9.13.19 from 6 - 9 PM and will feature a performance by the group MYTH-SCIENCE TRIO (Thomas Aber, Dwight Frizzell, and Michael Miller). Struck by by reducing the history of the Oregon Trail to an essential flow of water (rivers, tributaries) and people (moving along the trail which moves along rivers), the performance will involve both a coordinated and literal sonification of the entire map of the Oregon Trail, and then a memory-directed traversal that opens up the work.