Marcie Miller Gross

Within my site responsive installations, drawings and objects, I am fascinated by the interplay with the spatial, conceptual, and architectonic conditions of a place.  Through an incremental means of building with utilitarian materials, industrial felt, paper towels, clothing, hospital and bath towels, I make structures that address mass and void, line, weight, density, compression and expansion.  Within these qualities, I find parallels in the physical and psychological states of the body, and the human condition.  These pliable materials have an intense relationship to the body, and the capacity to carry traces, memory and a potent history of former use.  My interest in the physical actions of folding and stacking finds its focus in organization and reduction.  The directness of a simple activity of the hand, in addition to issues in the industry of labor and serial repetition, make reference to artistic precedent such as mono-ha and minimalism.

Artist-in-residence from 2006 to 2011.